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The Angara pine and the Siberian larch, possessing unique qualities,  are used in production of sawn timber Taiga, plywood and deep processed wood products..

Properties of the Angara  pine are well-known all over the world:

  • large density
  • high durability
  • insignificant quantity if twigs
  • close layers
  • ease of processing (timber perfectly yields to machining and does not crack during drying)

The Angara pine is a unique environment-friendly construction material renowned for its antibacterial and heat-preserving properties.

Siberian larch is famous for its high density (650 kg/m3) and exceptional durability. Wood of a larch is practically one of the best when it comes to resistance to atmospheric influences. Due to a combination of high density and high resinousness and also because of the specific composition of larch resin, it is highly resistant to rotting. Larch color scale numbers 12 shades surpassing  oak,  beech, ash-tree,  maple. The colour of the heart wood can vary from yellowy-brown to pink and pink-brown. The beautiful structure and satiny luster of larch wood allow not to use additional furnish and processing.

Sawn timber Ilim Timber (Germany) are produced from the Bavarian spruce.


Ilim Timber | Products

Sawn timber Ilim Timber and Taiga brand are produced in Germany and Eastern Siberia (Russia).

Softwood FSF plywood is produced by Ilim Bratsk Plywood Mill (Russia).

Added value wood products are produced by Ust-Ilimsk Sawmill (Russia).