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16 January 2017

Bratsk Plywood Mill celebrates its 40th Anniversary

January 14th, 2017, Bratsk Branch of Ilim Timber celebrated its 40th Anniversary. The founders, veterans and workers were awarded with commemorative medals.

January 14th, 2017, Bratsk Branch of Ilim Timber celebrated its 40th Anniversary since the start of production.  January 14th, 1977 Bratsk mill produced its first cube of plywood. Since then about 4,9 million cubic meters of plywood were produced by the workers of Bratsk plywood mill. Today Bratsk plywood is well-known both in Russia and on the world market of wood products. In 2012 Ilim Timber initiated a large-scale investment project that led to the renewal of the equipment at the first production stages. Step-by-step modernization of all production chain is still under way.

The anniversary celebrations took place in Bratsk Drama Theatre. The management awarded the founders, veterans and workers of the mill with commemorative medals tailor-made at Saint-Petersburg foundry.

Oleg Kosolapov, business management director in Russia, Ilim Timber, noted: “In fact we implemented the opportunities that were created 40 years ago. The knowledge and skills of our workers supported by modern equipment make Bratsk plywood competitive on volatile world market of wood products”.


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