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09 September 2016

Ilim Timber partners classical music festival AMMERSEErenade 2016

The classical music festival AMMERSEErenade took place in the southern neighborhood of Munich on the  Ammersee lake from August 28 to September 3, 2016. The festival brought together famous European classical music performers and young talented musicians.

The guests of the festival had a chance to enjoy the performance of Zarina Shimanskaya, the laureate of the international contest “Virtuoso of the 21st century’, the string Shimanovsky quartet from Poland, Janoska quartet from Vienna and Vision String quartet from Germany. Music of such Russian composers as Sergei Prokofiev, Pyotr Chaikovsky, Sergei Rakhmaninov, Evgeniy Doga was part of the programme.

Ilim Timber’s clients and partners had a chance to attend the concerts and other events within the festival.

“I'm proud that our company supported a world class musical festival. That was a pleasure to see classical music inspiring such an interest in Landsberg,’ – Anna Bokanova, sales analyst from Ilim Timber Germany, noted.

For more information, please, follow the link: http://www.ammerseerenade.de/.


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