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1992 — establishment of Ilim Pulp resulting in consolidation of Russian assets in pulp and paper production, timber harvesting, woodworking and packaging.

After 15 years of continuous development the company grew into Russia’s largest vertically integrated forest industry holding company with annual sales over 1,5 billion US dollars.

2007 — establishment of Ilim group, a joint venture with International Paper, one of the largest international pulp and paper companies. Ilim Group comprises pulp and paper, timber harvesting and support holdings of Ilim Pulp.

2007 — establishment of Ilim Timber woodworking holding on the basis of Ilim Pulp woodworking holdings. The holding comprises timber, plywood and panel production facilities in Eastern Siberia and North-West of Russia.

2008 — Ilim Timber begins export of timber to China and opens an office in Beijing.

2010 — Acquisition of two largest woodworking facilities in Germany from Klausner Group makes Ilim Timber one of top 10 private owned woodworking companies on the global level.

2010 — Ilim Timber opens an office in Shanghai and becomes Russia’s major timber exporter to China. 

2011 — Ilim Timber acquires Tolleson Lumber (USA).

2014 — Ilim Timber sells Tolleson Lumber (USA) to Canadian company International Forest Products Limited (Interfor) becoming a strategic shareholder in the company. Ilim Timber acquires the ability to nominate one designee for election to the Board of Directors of Interfor.

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